Charge Up Your Life

May 6, 2016

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 Have you purchased a new electric car

Have you ever thought about building your own gas station? In particular, have you wanted to build one inside your own garage at home? Well, if you have moved up to one of the many new electric car models, it is not only a possibility but almost a necessity to have a way to “refuel” your vehicle at home.
At Dollens Electric, we have been installing upgraded electrical power systems into many homes in the San Jose area for many years. Electric vehicle home charging is not quite as easy as plugging in a microwave. Specialized connectors are required. As high amperage wires to deliver that surge of current to your thirsty new electric steed.
Our long experience in all forms of alternative energy hookups qualifys us to  provide you with the right solution. It all starts with an analysis of your current home wiring system and existing supply requirements. After we can say for certain what your requirements are. We can then suggest what sort of steps may be necessary for a safe EV charger installation to be performed.

Our  experience in alternative energy

Despite what some alarmists suggest, only in the most unusual circumstances would it be necessary to perform a whole house rewiring program in order to get your new charging station operational—and this would have nothing to do with the needs of the station but rather to do with some already-present and life-threatening defect in the existing wiring system. You would want to have your home rewired even if you didn’t have an electric car.
Electric vehicle charging stations usually require some small degree of main panel upgrades or else some sub panel upgrades in the event of having multiple circuit breaker boxes on the property. The same could be said for many other improvements to the property. For example, the installation of a sauna or a central air conditioning system. The important point to keep in mind when dealing with any new electrical additions is that safety for your family. It is far more important than cutting corners on the electrical code.
It is also important to recognize that not all charging stations are created equal. You want one that can top off your battery voltage in the shortest possible period of time. We can guide you to the type of equipment you need at a price you will be comfortable with.
Of course, fitting out a new EV charger installation offers a homeowner the perfect opportunity to look at all of our other alternative energy solutions, such as solar panel hookups or installation of a reliable standby power system. Let us show you how all of these individual pieces of the puzzle can be fit together.