Having an electrical emergency? Our on-call technicians are standing by to resolve your home electrical issues.

From troubleshooting wiring issues to circuit breaker,  main panel repair, or Ev charger failure, we’re licensed and experienced to do it all. We’ll even evaluate and service your home solar panel system and back up generator to keep your home powered and the environment clean.

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Our emergency on-call technicians are standing by for your home electrical needs.

Emergency Electrician

The dangers of electricity don’t need to be reiterated but it’s important to know some basic information regarding common electrical emergencies.

An Outlet Overload

As outlets overload, they heat up and begin to burn usually leaving a brown or black residue behind. Turn the breaker off and unplug any appliances connected to the system.

Downed Power Line

Stay at least 40 feet away from the fallen line and avoid touching or standing on and conductive materials. Warn others nearby and immediately contact the power company or dial 911.

A Circuit Breaker Failing to Trip

Notice a humming or buzzing coming from your beaker box? This is the main sign that your system is failing to trip a faulty wire. In fact, if you notice burnt or acid smells then it could be a sign of a damaged wire

Flickering Lights

A sign of faulty or loose wiring is usually the culprit here. However, more serious problems like broken circuit connections are also known to cause this.

Power Outage

Call the utility company first and if they report no system outages, then it’s best to dial Dollens Electric. The issue is most likely in your home wiring.

San Jose, CA and surrounding cities rely Dollens Electric for their home electrical emergencies.