Produce sufficient thermal energy with Solar Heating Systems.

Thermal energy provide process heat for commercial applications, space heating, domestic water heating and heat in-ground swimming pools. Solar thermal systems are eligible for rebates offered by the California Solar Initiative. Additionally, a 30% Federal Tax tax or Treasury Grant is available.


Solar Thermal Heat

Reduce natural gas or propane expenses with tracking solar thermal collectors by Solartron Energy, called SolarBeams

These collector systems actually track the sun’s position throughout the day, staying focused to provide the optimum heat capture performance.

SolarBeam trackers produce:

1/2 gallon per hour
of propane

SolarBeam trackers produce:

34,500BTUs aprox.
Nominal sunlight levels

Sunnycal recommends the following system applications:
  • Industrial process heating:
    SolarBeam Tracking Collectors
  • Residential hot water heating:
    Heliodyne Gobi Panels
  • Residential radient heating:
    Solartron or Heliodyne
  • Pool heating:
    SolarBeam or Heliodyne

Facilities such as hotels, hospitals and food processing are prime candidates for solar production of process heat.