Electrical Panel Upgrade, Service & Repair

Is your home’s electrical service panel outdated or malfunctioning? Don’t wait any longer to address the problem!

Call Dollens Electric today and let our team of skilled electricians repair or replace your panel. Our fast, reliable service will keep your system up and running quickly.

Outdated panels can lead to higher energy costs, and an overworked system can cause even more severe issues. That’s why acting now is crucial, such as contacting Dollens Electric for an inspection or repair. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process and provide you with the best solution.

At Dollens Electric, we understand the stress that electrical issues can cause for homeowners. That’s why we’re committed to providing fast, reliable service whenever you need us. So why wait?

Call us today at (408)929-6100 to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a safer and more efficient home.

panel Upgrade, electrical panel service and repair

When should you upgrade your panel ? 

Regular electrical maintenance appointments are essential to ensure panel electrical safety and efficiency. We are here to help and support you with all you may require to maintain your electric energy. Call today to schedule an appointment if:

  • Your panel is 25 years older.
  • Consider alternative options if modern arc fault circuit breakers are incompatible with your electrical panel.
  • If you require more space to accommodate new equipment like an electric vehicle charging station or AC unit
  • Older electrical panels, such as Zinsco, Federal Pacific, Stab Lock, and Challenger, no longer work as designed and may pose a risk of electrical fire.
Main Electrical Panel Service

Main Electrical Panel

The main electrical panel is the point through which electricity enters a building. It comprises an electric meter, main circuit breaker, and possibly smaller individual “branch circuit” circuit breakers. In some cases, depending on the builder or size of the home, the central panel may serve as the only electrical panel in the house.


Typically, the electrical panel in a house will be located on an outside wall. The power company delivers the power to a house through overhead or underground wires. Common locations for overhead-fed main panels are the side of the home closest to the utility overhead wires. Usually, underground-fed panels are on the side of the home, close to the front.

Apartments and Condominiums

The main electrical panels for managing the electricity and other utilities in apartments and condos may be located in a cabinet or closet on the exterior of the building, or they could be present in the underground garage. It is the responsibility of the Home Owners Association (HOA) to maintain them. The lifespan of these panels varies significantly based on the brand and installation methods used during their setup.

What is an Electrical Subpanel

electrical sub-panel installation, sub panel
sub panel

A subpanel is a component of a house’s electrical system that holds branch circuits that power various appliances, plugs, and lights in a specific house area. House subpanels are essential for distributing electricity from the main panel to different areas of the house. They can be found in garages, laundry rooms, hallways, bedrooms, basements, or pantries.

Outdoor subpanels provide electricity to outdoor equipment such as air conditioning units, swimming pools, and outdoor cooking areas. They are usually attached to the outside walls of a house and differ from the main electrical panel. These subpanels prevent electrical issues and ensure that outdoor facilities have the necessary power supply.

Hiring a licensed professional electrician to install and operate subpanels is essential. They should follow local government rules related to building and safety, and adding subpanels around your home can save you money on your electrical project. You can place a subpanel where most of the wiring is to distribute electricity to the necessary areas.

Having multiple subpanels in different places is helpful because it eliminates the need to walk far to fix a tripped breaker, saving time and energy in the long run.

Safety Switches

Safety switches, also known as disconnects, are devices used to isolate electrical circuits and prevent the flow of electricity to equipment. They can be found near large appliances, such as outdoor AC units, and may contain circuit breakers or fuses.

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Electrical Grounding

Ensuring that older and improperly installed electrical panels are adequately grounded is essential. The chance of receiving a dangerous electric shock from the panel’s metal parts is higher without proper grounding.

Electricity flows from the source to the appliance through wires; sometimes, a faulty current can accidentally enter the ground. Ensuring proper grounding of your home’s electricity is crucial to prevent potential dangers. This allows any issues to be directed into the ground, preventing harm to your home. 

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Permitting & Building inspections

Our office staff handles all permitting, building inspections, and coordination with the utility company to limit time without power.

Serving Santa Clara County Since 2005

Dollens Electric Offers a 10 Year Warranty on new panel installations and new circuit breakers when installed with panels.

DEC can replace your old, defective fuse and circuit breaker panels that may have many electrical code violations and safety hazards.


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