Main panel upgrades, repair, maintenance and replacement are dangerous and should only be performed by an experienced , licensed electrician.

Dollens Electric will take the stress out of repairing or replacing your breaker box. Our highly skilled teams will thoroughly assess you main electrical panel or panel subs. We will then provide the best solution to reach your goals. 

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Electrical Panel upgrade
Electrical Panel Upgrade
Electrical Service

Lifetime warranty on workmanship & 3 Year warranty on material provided by Dollens Electric. 

When should you upgrade your panel? 

A. The panel is 25 years old or older

B. When modern arc fault circuit breakers are not made for your panel

C. You need more room.

D.  Require a larger panel for new square footage or equipment like an ac unit or an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

E. Older electrical panels such as Zinsco and Federal Pacific no longer work as designed and can be a safety and fire hazard in your home.

 Zinsco, Federal Pacific, Stab-lock, Challenger

Main Electrical Panel Upgrade

Main Electrical Panel

The main electrical panel is the point electricity enters the property. It will have a electric meter, main circuit breaker and possibly smaller individual “branch circuit” circuit breakers. In some cases, depending on the builder or size of the home, the main panel may be the only electrical panel in the home.

The main panel or breaker box is usually located on the exterior walls of the home. They can be fed from over head or underground wires from the utility. Common locations for over head fed main panels is the side of the home that is closest to the utility over head wires. Typically underground fed panels are on the side of the home close to the front.

Apartments and condominiums main panels may be in a cabinet or closet on the exterior or in the  underground garage and are maintained by the HOA. (Home Owners Association). These panels life expectancy varies greatly based on brand and  installation methods.

Sub Panels

A sub panel is the other panels in the house electrical system. They only hold the branch circuits that power various appliances, plugs and lights in the home. House sub panels are typically located in garages, laundry rooms, hallways, bedrooms, basements or pantry. There can also be external sub panels on the exterior of the home to service pools, outdoor bbq areas, or ac units. 

By placing a sub panel in the area where a majority of the wiring exists, you will cut down on the overall expense of the project. When a breaker trips, you won’t have to walk all the way to the other side of the home or building to reset it.

Safety Switches

Safety Switches will also be found around large appliances like ac units outside. Referred to as disconnects. They can contain circuit breakers or fuses. 

Dollens Electric Offers a 10 Year Warranty on new panel installations and new circuit breakers when installed with panels.

DEC can replace your old, defective fuse and circuit breaker panels that may have many electrical code violations and safety hazards.

Electrical Grounding

Older and improperly installed electrical panels often do not have adequate grounding.

As a result, the risk of serious electric shock from current leaking into non insulated metal parts of an electrical panel is increased.

In a properly grounded system, such leaking current (called fault current) is carried away harmlessly. For this reason maintaining your home grounding systems is very important.  

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Permitting & Building inspections

Our office staff handles all permitting, building inspections, and coordination with the utility company to ensure minimum time without power.


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