Solar Battery Backup

January 2, 2024

Home Solar Battery Storage

The Benefits of Solar Battery Backup

As technology continues to play a bigger role in our lives, our dependence on electricity has also grown. While this has led to many benefits and advancements, it has also made us increasingly susceptible to power outages. Technology continues to enhance our lives, including during emergencies such as power outages.

In the past, people used to rely on landline phones, fireplaces, and pilot lights during power outages. However, these options had some issues. Landline phones had limited range, and fireplaces needed a constant supply of difficult-to-get fuel. Pilot lights also posed safety concerns.

While these technological advancements are incredibly useful, it’s important to note that none of them are foolproof. Proper installation, use, and maintenance are crucial to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Powering through the Storm: Exploring the Latest Technology in Home Battery Backup Systems

Over the past few years, Silicon Valley has seen an increase in power outages, affecting businesses and residents alike. These outages have lasted from a few hours to a few days. Causing a lot of inconvenience and loss of productivity. These outages are not just limited to remote areas, but also in densely populated suburbs.

To mitigate the risk of deadly wildfires, PG&E has implemented a new safety plan. The “Public Safety Power Shutoff.” This plan involves planned grid outages to preempt the risk of wildfires. These outages will be more frequent and widespread than what Silicon Valley has experienced so far.

Generators come in different sizes and types, and they can power everything from small electronics to entire homes. Battery backup systems, on the other hand, store energy from the grid or from solar panels. You can then use it to power vital appliances like refrigerators, medical equipment, and lights. Both options require some investment, but they can make a huge difference during a power outage.

Make sure you have some important things at home in case of an emergency, such as batteries, canned food, and water. You should also get ready by putting together a kit that has any medicine you need or other personal things you might need.

With our electricity-intensive society, backup power has never been more important. So take some time to evaluate your options and plan accordingly; you never know when a power outage might strike.

Investing in reliable backup power solutions is essential for Silicon Valley enterprises to maintain seamless operations during power outages. With options such as backup generators, solar power systems, and energy storage solutions, businesses can guarantee uninterrupted service and productivity throughout power interruptions.

Technology of Home Battery Backup Systems

solar technology

Fortunately advancements in battery and inverter technology have improved significantly in recent years, providing us with a new generation of home battery backup systems.

These solar battery backup and storage solutions offer several benefits compared to traditional natural gas backup power systems. This means that they are dependable, affordable, and provide a steady energy supply even during gas or power disruptions. Secondly, they help reduce electricity costs, especially for people on time-of-use rates. 

Those who opt for these combined systems also receive added bonuses. Federal tax credits and rebates can cover up to 50% of system costs. Now, you can easily eliminate your electricity bill and have the assurance of backup power during outages.

How Battery Backup Systems Work

A home battery backup system consist of a battery and controller run by intelligent software. This system optimizes the charging and distribution of stored power from solar panels. This allows you to maximize daily energy use while also providing backup power during grid failures. 

These backup systems use powerful batteries like the ones in electric cars. This technology makes sure the battery works the best it can, giving you the best backup power possible.

You can keep your fridge running, your lights on, and your family comfortable during any power outage. In addition, the system is capable of monitoring your energy usage to optimize power distribution, maximizing savings and productivity.

solar battery backup

What is the process that make up a battery storage installation?

Dollens Electric is proud to offer solutions from Tesla, and Sunnycal Solar

Utility Service

A utility provider connects your home or business to the electrical grid.

Main Breaker Panel

Power from the grid enters your home through a set of wires connected to your main breaker panel. There it divides electricity into subsidiary circuits that feed the electrical outlets within your home or business.

Battery and Control System

Lithium batteries store solar energy generated during the day, and then consumed in the evening when rates are higher. Software controls when to charge or discharge the battery and use or sell stored or generated energy in the home.

Solar Power System and Inverter

Solar panels generate energy during the day. An inverter changes the DC power from batteries or solar panels into the AC power that you used in your home.

Essential Loads Sub-Panel

A sub-panel connects battery power to important rooms and appliances in your home, providing power during a blackout.

Battery Solutions

We test home battery systems to make sure you get the best ones for your house.

We evaluate your systems performance, efficiency, reliability, and price to give you a complete evaluation of your options. Our team of experts can help you choose the right battery storage system that meets your needs and budget.

Dollens Electric is proud to offer solutions from Tesla, and Sunnycal Solar

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