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Courtesy:  EG Energy Ltd., Represented in California by SunnyCal Solar

Electricity supply is fundamental in all business and production processes, such as in department stores where they are expected to maintain their lighting, cash registers and other equipment that are critical to store operation. However, in order to make sure your store is energy efficient, it is important to have an energy management system in place to monitor energy usage for equipment, sectors in the store, HVAC units, compressors, etc.

Monitoring energy usage in commercial applications is a field that has arisen due to the need for industry to have a knowledge of the machinery that is being used, and know exactly what the real power consumption is for each process and equipment. An energy management system is better than hiring energy consultants because it is a system that monitors 24/7 and does not have human error. In addition, once a consultant has finished their review of your facility, he leaves and you have a big pile of statistics and recommendations that seem overwhelming. With an energy management system, you choose the reports you want to see, what loads you want to compare, dates, locations, square footage of facility etc. You only get a report on what is critical for that day and information that is useful for the project you are undertaking.

The advantages of using a monitoring systems to control electricity consumption, is to know what equipment is consuming more energy, if any equipment is malfunctioning, as well as automatic control of HVAC, refrigeration, etc.
A technology based company called EG Energy Controls, represented by SunnyCal Solar, has years of experience implementing energy management systems in grocery stores. These systems interface with a Building Management System (CPC, Danfoss, Micro thermal etc.) and monitors energy usage on up to 25 loads in a facility.

Examples of the loads that can be monitored in a store are:

Low Temp. Compressors           Med Temp Compressors          Main HVAC (Heating / Cooling)             Sub HVAC
Deli Department        Bakery Department          Sales Lighting            Décor Lighting                Cooler Lighting / Fans
Sales Floor Lighting         Parking Lot Lights            Main Ovens         Water Consumption          Gas/Oil Consumption

The Energy Management System from EG Energy Controls has the capabilities to do demand control and energy monitoring in 1 system. The Energy Surveillance System is a web-based system capable of monitoring and providing control of up to 2,500 facilities within the corporate network.