Energy Management

Coupling the benefits of solar generated energy with the oversight and control afforded from the installation of competent energy management systems, means that business owners and managers now have an option to greatly reduce their overheads while utilizing a clean and green means of powering their business.

What is Demand Usage? Load shedding is a means of reducing demand usage in a facility and will reducing energy usage by up to 20%. Many times demand charges exceed 50% of the total electric power bill. This makes demand control a very attractive option to reduce operating costs.

Demand usage is the total amount of electricity being used by a consumer during a defined time period. By performing demand control, huge savings can be achieved.

Demand varies from hour to hour, day to day and season to season. This usage that is expressed in kilowatts (not kilowatt-hours) and is called the demand peak on the system.

The utility records demand over a 15-minute time period. The company is charged for the highest 15-minute usage recorded on the demand meter. After the utility reads the meter each month, demand is reset to zero and the meter starts over, recording the highest 15-minute usage for the next billing period. You will see this charge on your power bill.

kva charge                  kWh charge (not kW)              demand charge                      demand usage

The demand charges many times exceed 50% of their total electric bill. This makes “Load Shedding” very attractive to reduce companies operating costs.

How Does Load Shedding Work

In order to reduce demand peaks in a facility, the Maximum Demand Controller monitors the main utility meter in the facility and by measuring every 5 minutes the demand usage, the DemandMiser will perform automatic load shedding when it notices a demand peak is coming. Shown below are example loads that would be connected for demand control:

Compressors               Fan Motors (with variable speed systems)                Electric Heaters

Pumps                          Air Conditioners & Other                                              Demand Usage Reporting

Advanced reports show the demand usage and loads being shed for each location. If you would like to reduce load shedding, you can automatically adjust the threshold until you are comfortable with the values.

Graphing capabilities provide information such as daily, monthly, yearly demand usage and can be easy glanced over using various line chart, bar, or pie.