Energy monitoring is useful for determining where your power consumption is occurring.

These systems report real-time energy use or production of electrical power. They are installed at the circuit breaker panel, and send data to your home computer or web-based services.

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These systems can guide consumers in learning where to upgrade appliances such as:
  • Panel upgrades
  • Whole house rewiringWhole house fans
  • Photovoltaic solar systems
  • Recessed lighting, retrofit, remodel and additions.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations and electrical troubleshooting.


Energy monitoring solutions from The Energy Detective, By Energy Inc, are now available for residential installation.

The Energy Detective User Software Display

Installation generally takes about one day of time on-site to install
equipment and train users on system operation.

Email Messaging

First set up your personalized system status updates and energy-saving advice based on individual use on-screen and with user-defined e-mail or SMS notifications.

Rate Selector

In locations where utilities offer multiple billing programs, FIDO product can then compare tariffs based on personal usage to show best option for your home.

Universal Meter Compatibility

Provides comprehensive monitoring that provides intelligence from traditional utility meters.

Outlet Control

For individual electrical outlets (coming soon).

Security Alerts

Record when appliances, lighting or electronics are running excessively or at unexpected times.

Electric Vehicle Charge Cost Monitor

will also Tracks EV charging in dollars and KW.

Makes Smart Meters Smarter

Enables dramatic savings as utilities roll out a new generation of Smart Meters with complex time-of-use billing schemes.

In-Home Net Metering

For installations with alternative energy input (solar, wind, generator, etc.), monitors show real-time generation and then net cost savings in dollars and KWHr

Lock-Down Privacy

Keeps your detailed energy usage patterns secure on your computer – no need to share with utilities or 3rd parties.

Remote Access

In addition E-mail or SMS alerts users to unusual electrical use.

Parental Control

Finally  lets parents know how the kids use electricity and enables remote ON/OFF (remote feature coming soon).