Energy Saving Tips for Spring

May 19, 2015

Energy Saving Tips for Spring


Spring is always a great time to enjoy with flowers bursting into bloom and everything turning into lush green. While this is an ideal time to have spring weekend getaways, we should also use this time to prepare for the coming summer months and soaring energy bills. There are many ways you can save on energy costs around the house and even in the office. Here are some tips from your trusted San Jose Electrician.

  1. Spring clean your HVAC systems. Your heating and cooling system makes up about 40% of your energy usage so it is important to keep them well maintained though the seasons. Clean or replace air filters to allow better airflow, with clean filters the unit does not have to work as hard and use more energy to warm or cool a room.
  2. Replace old cooling units. HVAC units that are older than 15 years old lose their energy efficiency due to wear and tear. Purchasing a new Energy Star unit can significantly improve your indoor comfort while reducing your energy bills.
  3. Switch the direction of your ceiling fan for the season. Ideally, ceiling fans should be turning clockwise during the winter to draw cold air up and push warm air down, preventing wind chill. In the spring and summer, it is more energy efficient to switch directions and have the ceiling fan turn counter-clockwise. This blows the air straight down, creating the welcome wind chill that offers a more cooling effect. Don’t forget to check your fans, make sure they are dust-free and in good working condition.
  4. Maximize your windows energy efficiency. With the spring’s mild weather you can open windows and let the natural breeze cool your home. Investing in energy efficient windows that block off the sun’s heat is an excellent option or you can also opt for more affordable alternatives. Smart window treatments such as blinds and shades not only blocks the sun’s heat, it also reduces your cooling cost.
  5. Having an attic ventilator is another good option to cool your home by drawing in cool air throughout the house. A solar powered attic fans provide an effective ventilation solution, it removes attic heat and moisture buildup throughout the day, resulting in a more comfortable home that requires less energy to cool. For more information, as your trusted San Jose electrician.
  6. Take time to clean the back of your refrigerator. Dust build-up around the condenser coils, makes the motor work harder reducing energy efficiency. While you are at it, make sure the seals around the fridge door are clean, intact and closes tightly. The fridge alone comes up to 11% of your energy bills so pay attention to it.
  7. Set the thermostat to a higher setting when a room is not in use. This can help reduce your energy savings by 10%.
  8. Caulk leaks in your window, doors and walls, this keeps warm air out while sealing in cool air inside your home and keeping cash in your pocket.
  9. Insulate and seal air ducts. This can reduce your energy consumption up to 30% by preventing very expensive cool air from leaking out.
  10. Consider switching to solar power systems for your home or business. Solar power can reduce or even eliminate your utility bill, resulting in huge cost savings!

We hope you find these energy efficiency tips useful for your home and business. We are happy to serve you as the top choice for residential and commercial electrician in San Jose. For your electrical and solar system needs, contact us through (408) 929-6100 or visit