Energy Management

The DemandMiser provides a graph that compares demand usage by location, size,operation, hours etc. A demand usage profile of one facility can be compared with another. This data can be used to negotiate contracts for energy usage and to reward facilities that have reduced their overall energy usage.

Notification & Alerts!

Alerts and notifications can be configured to notify what loads were shed and period of time and current peak demand that can be easily compared to previous demand peaks.

Automatic Load Adjustment

The web interface is easy to use for setup and load shedding configuration.

Custom load limits can be set for each month providing more control. The demand controller has an algorithm that automatically increases the load limit if more energy is needed for the building eliminating excessive demand shedding.

Access Multiple Locations

The DemandMiser Maximum Demand Controller is the only system on the market that can remotely connect to other locations that have Demand Controllers installed.

For companies that have multiple locations, energy managers can easily view data and configure systems from a single location via the web interface.

PG&E’s demand response programs offer incentives for business owners who curtail their facility’s energy use during times of peak demand. Find out how your business can benefit and help make a difference in the state’s energy well being.


EG Energy Controls can assist companies by offering sophisticated demand controllers that can be used in Peak Day Pricing initiatives.

What is PDP?

Peak Day Pricing is a Time Varying Pricing Plan. Learn more about Time Varying Pricing here.