Motion Detector Lights Protect Your Home

January 13, 2017

Homeowners are frequently looking for ways to protect their home from invaders, unwanted animals or other unwelcome guests. One of the best and inexpensive ways to add a level of security to your home is with motion sensor lights. These lights are designed to turn on automatically when there is movement within the range of the sensor.

If criminals target your home and rely on the darkness of night for coverage of their crime, motion detector lights can effectively thwart their plans. First, there is the element of surprise. If criminals are hiding in dark areas near your home and step into the motion light detector range, the yard is suddenly flooded with lights and will catch the criminal off-guard. Second, if you are in the home and see your motion detector lights activated, you will likely investigate the cause and possibly call authorities. And, third, even if you do not notice the lights, a neighbor or passing car might notice lights coming on suddenly and report suspicious activity. Unlike expensive security systems that detect actual entrance into the home, motion detector lights can provide protection before a criminal even reaches the home.

Motion detector lights are also helpful for you as a homeowner when you arrive home after dark. Coming back late from a long evening at work or from a fun party may mean you are quite tired and having lights turn on automatically when you arrive is comforting. This benefit is achieved without having to leave lights for many hours for no reason just to have them on when you return. You may also prevent injury from not having to stumble around in the dark to find a light switch or avoid trying to get into the home in the dark.

If you live in a more rural area or in the city where unwelcome animals are present, a motion detector light can help keep your home off-limits to these creatures. Many animals including skunks, raccoons, rabbits and foxes venture out at night to find food and establish nests in warm nooks near homes like under decks and garages. When these unwanted animals wander into the motion detector light range, they will be surprised and often deterred from staying near the lit area. The lights may also bring your attention to your yard and give you an opportunity to set traps for frequent animal visitors.

Homeowners have many options when it comes to purchasing and installing motion detector lights. You can choose from easy-to-install inexpensive flood lights to more expensive decorative sensor lights. An electrician like Dollens Electric can help you install and integrate higher-end motion detector lights both inside and outside your home.