Now solar users can have solar power during utility failure (no batteries required).

Systems with batteries provide additional around-theclock power backup and load time shifting options. The PowerHub is a family of stand-alone power generation and management systems.

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The PowerHub is fully integrated, and comes preconfigured with:
  • Solar power even when utility power fails
  • Power Inverter 4.0-11.0kW, 120/240VAC
  • Battery storage + BMS, 5.0-20kWhrs, 48VDC
  • Battery charger and solar charge controller
  • Built-in AC transfer switch
  • Solar Ready 1.0kW to 8kW array
  • Connectors for 240V, 50A AC input and output power
  • Input for 240V, 30A generator input
  • Cloud-based timing control of utility interconnect

The PowerHub is feature rich and a user-friendly system that saves money at installation and for years into the future!

Energy storage versatility

The PowerHub is compatible with multiple battery technologies including AGM or Lithium Iron Phosphate. Battery charging is supported by utility grid and/or solar power.

Peak demand reduction

The PowerHub eliminates expensive peak demand charges by automatically filling electrical load with battery energy when approaching a peak demand threshold.

Easy installation

The PowerHub is delivered pre-wired and ready to go. This assures customers do not need to worry about on-site construction, equipment compatibility or initial equipment failure.

Off grid

The PowerHub operates in grid-tie or standalone modes. This feature allows residential or commercial users to operate.

Time-of-use (TOU) shifting

The PowerHub significantly reduces energy bills by automatically shifting electrical demand to stored energy during periods when utility rates are highest.