The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Electrical Hazards

December 28, 2016

Electrical Hazards

Resolve to enjoy a safe New Year!

Start with an electrical hazards inspection.

Many residents of the greater San Jose area find themselves contemplating some exciting new technologies requiring electrical work. From solar panel upgrades in solar power systems to EV charger installation projects, households and businesses across this dynamic California community often use electricity to enjoy a better quality of daily life. At Dollens Electric, we hope everyone will embrace this issue by placing a high priority upon safety.

Sometimes the convenience of using electrical systems causes people to forget the significant power an electrical charge can convey. Even experienced attic fan installers encounter electrical risks sometimes, for instance. Consider using this handy “ultimate cheat sheet” as a safety tool around your home or business. Adhering to some simple guidelines can make interacting with electrical systems easier and safer:

1. First, respect the power of electricity at all times.

Most people today regularly utilize electricity for light, warmth and communications purposes. Yet this natural force exerts significant power. Every year, random lightning strikes during thunderstorms cause serious injuries or even deaths. Try and educate your loved ones and employees about potential electrical hazards.

2. Remember ions in water will conduct an electrical charge readily; NEVER mix water and electricity in your activities. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends never operating any electrical equipment while standing or sitting in water for this reason. Similarly, if you must operate machinery during damp conditions, inspect any electrical equipment first to ensure the cords and equipment appear sound and well insulated, without defects.

3. Malfunctioning electrical appliances can pose a fire hazard. Keep small electrical appliances unplugged when not in operation.

4. OSHA urges everyone to treat all overhead power lines and wires as though these fixtures can convey a lethal electrical shock. Never try to touch a fallen overhead wire, for instance. Even when well-insulated, some overhead wires can deliver powerful electrical charges. If an overhead wire falls on your vehicle, remain inside and drive slowly away from the wire. If the vehicle itself stalls call for emergency assistance but do not exit or permit anyone to handle either the fallen wire or the vehicle.

5. Always ask a qualified electrician to perform wiring and other electrical contracting services. These individuals have obtained extensive safety training in working with electricity. They can perform sub panel upgrades or whole house rewiring, for instance. If you plan to perform electric vehicle home charging, you might want to consider asking an electrician to inspect your garage and residential wiring first.

To ensure the safety of your family and employees, it makes sense to obtain capable, professional electrical contracting services for your residence and business. Whether you require qualified attic fan installers, assistance implementing new solar power systems, the deployment of new electric vehicle charging stations, or help with simple wiring and electrical outlet modifications, contact Dollens Electric in the greater San Jose area for fast, qualified service.