3 Common Misconceptions About Solar Panels

January 24, 2017

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Solar power is one of the oldest alternative sources of energy. People are increasingly becoming aware of the immense benefits associated with solar energy. However, there are a lot of false perceptions about solar panels out there. This article will debunk some of the common misconceptions.

1. Solar panels are similar but expensive

It is true that there are hundreds of solar panel brands being sold out there. We also acknowledge that it can be confusing to distinguish between these brands. However, companies have unique features in their panels. Some give 10-year warranties while others offer 20. The power ratings of the panels also differ greatly. The best way to distinguish solar panels is to ask for project references in your country.

People also view solar panels as being insanely expensive. The truth is that the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels has reduced significantly for the past two decades. Thanks to the government grants and incentives, most people can now afford them. Also, scientists have made major strides in making them more effective. People should stop viewing solar panels as expensive. Instead, they should view them as forms of long-term investments. Larger organizations today prefer solar panels as their primary source of energy.

2. Everyone can install a solar panel

Most people believe that they can install solar power systems by themselves. According to attic fan installers, who also specialize in solar panels, it is good to hire a professional to do the job. Though it is cheaper to install the panels yourself, there are a lot of risks involved you don’t want to take. Hiring a qualified contractor has a lot of benefits. You get to save a lot of time on the paperwork involved when applying for a permit with the local authorities. You can also be sure that the solar panel will not pose serious threats to your house or the neighbors.

You must also know that most states do not allow those who are unqualified to install solar panels. You are likely to face serious legal ramifications if you employ someone who is not licensed by the relevant authorities. To get someone who is qualified to install your solar power systems, ask for recommendations from those who have installed panels before. You can also ask for referrals from the state’s energy department.

3. Solar panels have hidden costs

Most past research projects indicate that there are hidden costs that you cannot predict when you own a solar power system. Such reports were common when the solar system was still being developed. The truth is that the cost of modern photovoltaic panels has been standardized and there are no hidden costs. Whether you hire attic fan installers or those who specialize in solar panels, you will pay the same amount. A typical residential solar system costs between $3,000 and $4,000 for a kilowatt capacity. The amount will reduce after you deduct the rebates and the applicable tax incentives. However, ensure you ask the manufacturer about extra charges before you buy a solar panel.