Charge Frenzy: Electric Car Charging In San Jose, CA

January 27, 2015

California’s New Solar Panel Requirements

Are there enough charging stations in San Jose, CA? The eagerness to reduce gas consumption all over the world has lead to the demand for electric. The number of those who invest in their first electric car has been increasing too. However, the question remains the same. Are there enough charging stations to accommodate all electric car owners in San Jose, CA? Perhaps the problem of the seemingly not having enough facilities to accommodate their need to charge is because people are not aware of the services that a station offers and how it matches their needs. Let this list of facts help you sort through the confusion.
  • First, how many hours do you need to charge your car to keep it running? It is important for every car owner to know how much is needed to finish off charging their car to be able to get an accurate time frame of how often they need to have their car charged if they want to use it to travel a certain distance.
  • Second, how far can my car battery go? You keep complaining of not finding enough charging stations because you keep finding yourself in a position where your car needs to be charged. But at what distance can your car travel without draining all its battery? You need to ask your car dealer this before deciding to buy the unit.
  • Lastly, how often should I be charging my electric car? How often you use it should help you decide how often you should charge it. Knowing this beforehand will help you make reservations at charging stations. Doing so will help save you from not having enough battery to travel.
As much as the market is ready to provide electric cars, it has also prepared itself for the demand for charging stations. Luckily, both demands have given birth to thousands of job opportunities all over San Jose. At Dollens Electric, we will design and install electric vehicle charging systems for homes and businesses to make it easy for purchaser’s of EV’s to have charging stations installed at their homes, work places, vacation homes, and any other place where they will be plugging in on a regular basis. Please call (408) 929-6100 to request an appointment.