Home Electric and Solar Energy Solutions from Dollens Electric

August 24, 2016

Solar Panel Upgrades

At Dollens Electric we perform electric service and installation in San Jose and many communities in the surrounding area. We provide standard electric service including home rewiring and fan installation, and we also are involved in innovative green energy initiatives including solar panel installation and electric vehicle charging.

If you have an electric vehicle, Dollens Electric is the electric company you will want to perform your ev charger installation. Our electric vehicle home charging installation can accommodate not only electric vehicles but hybrid vehicles as well. We can also make sure your electric vehicle charging stations are properly augmented to provide your vehicle a charge.

If you are interested in saving money on cooling your home in the summer, you may want to invest in a whole fan installation project. A whole house fan will help keep your home comfortable by drawing cool air into your residence, while the hot air rises to the attic or very top of the home. The whole house fan also operates very quietly so you will not have to worry about having your peace disturbed. We also offer our customers warrantied parts and labor.

Sub-panels are meant to make controlling the electrical load in your laundry room or garage more convenient. These panels are also a good way to save money on a major wiring project if you are undertaking one. The sub-panel feeds the electrical wires from the main panel to a variety of outlets including lighting outlets. Panel upgrades, sub panel upgrades, and sub panel installation are all available.

There are a number of different applications for solar panel installation. They can be used for water heating, space heating, and industrial purposes. Overall, solar panel installation can help reduce energy expenses, whether they are used for residential or business reasons. The solar panels that are offered are able to trap the sun’s energy effectively so the maximum amount of heat is used.

Whole house rewiring is recommended for anyone who needs greater electrical capacity. This is also true the older your home is. Whole house rewiring is a very big job, so it’s important to do it at an opportune time when you’re least likely to be inconvenienced. If you have plans to do any other kind of major remodeling project, it’s a good time to rewire your home simultaneously. It’s also a good time to upgrade your home’s wiring if you have any plan to sell it in the near future, as this increases its market value.