The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Electrical Hazards

Resolve to enjoy a safe New Year! With the arrival of 2017, many residents of the greater San Jose area find themselves contemplating some exciting new technologies requiring electrical work. From solar panel upgrades in solar power systems to EV charger installation projects, households and businesses across this dynamic California community often use electricity to … Continue reading The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Electrical Hazards

Whole House Surge Protector Installation

A couple of decades ago, power surges were really no big deal. Sometimes, you might see your lights flicker or sense a small interruption in your power supply. It would simply pass as you went about your daily business. However, as technology in our homes has essentially exploded in the last 10 to 20 years, … Continue reading Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Whole House Fans

While HVACs and air conditioners are powerful tools, they can be expensive and, in some cases, completely unnecessary. Depending on the region and time of year, in many climates a whole house fan may be all that’s needed to cool the entire home. Whole house fans can create the comfort your home needs without HVAC … Continue reading Whole House Fans

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Electric Vehicle Charging

One of the most appealing ideas in “going green” is electric vehicles that free us from reliance on fossil fuels. But one of the many drawbacks for consumers is an EV charger installation to keep it powered up. All electric cars come with a 120-volt cable that can charge the battery from a household socket. … Continue reading Electric Vehicle Charging

electric vehicle home charging

Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric vehicle charging stations have become very popular in San Jose. Many people start looking for a reliable electrician for EV charger installation when they first consider buying an electric vehicle. A charging unit built into the vehicle itself allows the car to be easily charged at home with little fuss. Electric vehicle home charging … Continue reading Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Home Lighting

Solar Panel Installation

Finding a dependable San Jose, California-based company that specializes in solar panel installation doesn’t have to be hard and frustrating. That’s because Dollens Electric Corp. exists. We’re a full-service company that offers our customers a wide range of convenient electrical services. Our technicians assist our customers with everything from whole house rewiring and sub panel … Continue reading Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Upgrades

Home Electric and Solar Energy Solutions from Dollens Electric

At Dollens Electric we perform electric service and installation in San Jose and many communities in the surrounding area. We provide standard electric service including home rewiring and fan installation, and we also are involved in innovative green energy initiatives including solar panel installation and electric vehicle charging. If you have an electric vehicle, Dollens … Continue reading Home Electric and Solar Energy Solutions from Dollens Electric

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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient Overall

Most consumers know that having an energy efficient home results in lower energy costs. Using low wattage light-bulbs, installing dimmer switches or having your break box inspected are often suggested methods of making the home more energy efficient. While effective, you can cut energy costs down even further with sub panel upgrades, home electrical system … Continue reading Making Your Home More Energy Efficient Overall

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Does Your Whole House Need Rewiring?

Power outages are common on rainy days. If your lights are flickering on sunny days, there could be a problem with your electrical system. When your home needs electrical renovations, you should always hire a professional contractor. An electrical repair should never be a DIY project. Electrical repairs are complicated, and an experienced contractor will … Continue reading Does Your Whole House Need Rewiring?

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The Electric Car Future Is Now

Many people love the idea of getting a new electric car just so they can say sayonara to the gas station, if for no other reason. Particularly for drivers in the San Jose area, electric vehicles make a lot of sense. However, there is one little sticking point that needs to be taken care of … Continue reading The Electric Car Future Is Now