Improve your home lighting by replacing your existing lights with LED or recessed lighting.

It’s useful to highlight specific areas in a room or to accentuate art work. Your rooms will feel more spacious and open with these hidden lights.

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Why LED Lighting?

LED’s emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers. This feature alone makes LEDS more efficient than any other lighting.

Longer life! LEDs last 50 times longer than traditional lighting.

They look great! Yes, in addition to their groundbreaking efficiency, they also make your home look more spacious and streamlined. No more clunky or awkward light bulbs jutting downward from the ceiling.

Little to no heat; LEDs emit very little heat compared to incandescent bulbs that release 90% of their energy as heat.

Environmentally friendly since they do not contain mercury or other toxins.This means they’re recyclable.

No bugs! LED lights do no attract insects so they’re great for
outdoor use.

It’s easy to keep your home well-lit for comfort and safety with Dollens Electric.