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rewiring outlets

Does Your Whole House Need Rewiring?

Power outages are common on rainy days. If your lights are flickering on sunny days, there could be a problem with your electrical system. When your home needs electrical renovations, you should always hire a professional contractor. An electrical repair should never be a DIY project. Electrical repairs are complicated, and an experienced contractor will … Continue reading Does Your Whole House Need Rewiring?

electric vehicle charging

The Electric Car Future Is Now

Many people love the idea of getting a new electric car just so they can say sayonara to the gas station, if for no other reason. Particularly for drivers in the San Jose area, electric vehicles make a lot of sense. However, there is one little sticking point that needs to be taken care of … Continue reading The Electric Car Future Is Now

Charge Up Your Life

Have you ever thought about building your own gas station? In particular, have you wanted to build one inside your own garage at home? Well, if you have moved up to one of the many new electric car models, it is not only a possibility but almost a necessity to have a way to “refuel” … Continue reading Charge Up Your Life

electric panel upgrades

Panel Upgrades in San Jose

When you need first-rate electrical services in San Jose, California, Dollens Electric Corp. can happily come to your aid. Dollens Electric Corp. is a reputable San Jose-based company that has a large selection of essential services. A sampling of the high-quality electrical specialties that are part of our company’s menu include sub panel upgrades, whole … Continue reading Panel Upgrades in San Jose