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bosch ev home charger

Electric Vehicle Charging

One of the most appealing ideas in “going green” is electric vehicles that free us from reliance on fossil fuels. But one of the many drawbacks for consumers is an EV charger installation to keep it powered up. All electric cars come with a 120-volt cable that can charge the battery from a household socket. … Continue reading Electric Vehicle Charging

electric vehicle home charging

Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric vehicle charging stations have become very popular in San Jose. Many people start looking for a reliable electrician for EV charger installation when they first consider buying an electric vehicle. A charging unit built into the vehicle itself allows the car to be easily charged at home with little fuss. Electric vehicle home charging … Continue reading Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Home Lighting

Solar Panel Installation

Finding a dependable San Jose, California-based company that specializes in solar panel installation doesn’t have to be hard and frustrating. That’s because Dollens Electric Corp. exists. We’re a full-service company that offers our customers a wide range of convenient electrical services. Our technicians assist our customers with everything from whole house rewiring and sub panel … Continue reading Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Upgrades

Home Electric and Solar Energy Solutions from Dollens Electric

At Dollens Electric we perform electric service and installation in San Jose and many communities in the surrounding area. We provide standard electric service including home rewiring and fan installation, and we also are involved in innovative green energy initiatives including solar panel installation and electric vehicle charging. If you have an electric vehicle, Dollens … Continue reading Home Electric and Solar Energy Solutions from Dollens Electric